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Reflections from Gavea

Reflections from Gavea is the tale of one woman’s true-life search for a sense of identity and wholeness, amid the mountains of Brazil, university life and marriage in the United States, and a return to the land of her birth. Beyond Marianne’s personal story is a multicultural kaleidoscope of images that depict the history of China and Brazil from World War II to the present. Amid wars, revolutions, immigration and displacement, Marianne learns how a person’s soul can supersede cultural, ethnic, national and language barriers to be part of the universal human experience.

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Size 7x10, paperback, 416 pages, ISBN 9780988910805.

“I have rarely been so moved by a memoir. The strength of Marianne’s story lies in the culture shocks she experienced, her homesickness, and her longing to connect with those who were foreign to her, yet her very blood. This book is ultimately a success story in learning how to be a citizen of the world while remaining true to yourself.”

— Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of the award-winning Narrow Lives

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